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Asphalt Consulting

Successful property managers of corporate facilities, shopping plazas, apartment complexes, colleges & universities, luxury hotels, just about any type of facility, large or small, realize that the asphalt pavement on their property must be regularly maintained to protect the owner’s substantial investment, maximize its lifespan and enhance its appearance. Poorly maintained asphalt surfaces make a terrible first impression on customers, tenants and visitors, and are incredibly expensive to repair or replace if allowed to deteriorate too far.

Our asphalt experts at Hilltop Paving know that asphalt is in need of regular maintenance to prolong it's life-cycle and able to sustain it's appearance and durability if properly cared for.

Hilltop Paving understands asphalt pavement, and we understand what it takes to run a business. We can advise you what asphalt maintenance program will extend the life and viability of your asphalt assets. We will do our very best to formulate the perfect plan to get the most out of your asphalt investment.

An asphalt maintenance program developed by Hilltop Paving could include;
- asphalt repair
- sealcoating
- line striping
- crack sealing and repair
- asphalt rejuvenation with RejuvaSeal
- asphalt consulting

Our asphalt consulting is performed with our in-house engineer, David Gardner. David is a 1987 graduate of Penn State University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. He is also a licensed Professional Engineer in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and New York.

He has over 25 years experience in basically all facets of road and highway construction, and worked on large scale projects for PennDOT and the Turnpike throughout the state. In addition, David served for five (5) years as the Township Engineer for a municipality located in Allegheny County. As the engineer, he was responsible for developing and implementing the annual roadway paving/repair programs and assuring that the subject remain within the usually tight budget constraints.