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Asphalt Crack Sealing

Even though it expands and contracts as the temperature changes, as it begins to age and dry out, asphalt pavement loses it's flexibility and will start to crack as the seasons change. Asphalt paving can also crack if the asphalt wasn't properly installed. No matter why or how the cracks started in your asphalt pavement, if they're not sealed, water will seep in to the pavement base, causing it to quickly deteriorate. The longer you wait to seal the cracks, the bigger they'll get, eventually causing alligator cracking, potholes and sunken areas in your pavement.

Our experienced crews at Hilltop Paving are experts at asphalt crack sealing. We can come to your location, take a good look at the cracks in your pavement and let you know the most effective asphalt maintenance program to avoid further cracks.