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Maximize Your Curb Appeal.

Protect your asphalt with RejuvaSeal!  Hilltop Paving is a certified applicator of RejuvaSeal®, a revolutionary, three-in-one asphalt rejuvenator that revitalizes, seals and protects asphalt pavement. The world's leading asphalt rejuvenator, RejuvaSeal is scientifically designed to reverse the aging process and extend the lifecycle of asphalt assets, including commercial parking lots and roadways, roads and highways, airport runways and taxiways.

When Hilltop Paving applies a single coat of RejuvaSeal to asphalt pavement it;

- penetrates, repairs and protects the asphalt
- replaces oils lost due to oxidation
- revitalizes the asphalt binder
- restores flexibility in the asphalt
- seals the pavement against contaminants
- improves durability and extends the life of asphalt
- enhances curb appeal of asphalt assets
- expands and contracts at the same rate as asphalt
- will not chip, peel or delaminate
- reduces pavement life-cycle costs


As an effective treatment that is fuel, water and chemical resistant, RejuvaSeal is the most cost-effective solution to extend the life-cycle of asphalt, improve its appearance and maximize curb appeal. At Hilltop Paving, we're proud to have met all the criteria to be recognized as a certified applicator and distributor of RejuvaSeal, the world's leading asphalt rejuvenator. Whether you have newer asphalt or asphalt pavement that's starting to go gray, we highly recommend that RejuvaSeal become an intregal part of your asphalt maintenance program. Hilltop Paving...Rejuvenating Asphalt with RejuvaSeal.

Vist our 'REJUVASEAL BROCHURE AND VIDEO' page for downloadable fact sheets, technical information and videos about RejuvaSeal.

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