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Asphalt Sealcoating

Hilltop Paving sealcoating helps to enhance the appearance of any asphalt surface, including driveways and parking lots. Sealcoating also helps protect asphalt pavement from UV rays from the sun, as well as the harmful effects of chemical spills such as oil and gasoline. These elements can break down the asphalt binder that holds the asphalt together, making the pavement lose it's flexibility, get brittle and weak. The asphalt starts to crack, allowing water and chemicals to seep down to the asphalt base causing even more damage.

Having Hilltop Paving sealcoat your asphalt assets;

- protects and beautifies the pavement
- prevents oxidation of the asphalt binder
- prevents weather damage
- seals small cracks before they become large cracks
- makes traffic lines more visible
- reduces maintenance costs
- adds years of life to the pavement

At Hilltop Paving we realize how important it is to keep things moving no matter what business you're in. To be able to keep traffic and personnel moving in and out of your facility is crucial to staying ahead of the game. That's why our highly-trained, considerate sealcoating crews from Hilltop Paving will work around your schedule to provide the best possible service imaginable for our clients.